Tierschutzlabel "Für Mehr Tierschutz"

The language of negotiations is German, audits and advice are carried out in German.

Sign for a better life

The Tierschutzlabel "Für Mehr Tierschutz" from the German Animal Welfare Association has created significantly improved living conditions for several million animals since 2013. The two-stage animal protection label "Für Mehr Tierschutz" identifies products that are subject to strict requirements, which are backed by our extensive animal protection label system. It covers the entire chain from husbandry to processing. We would like to offer consumers who do not yet want to give up animal products an alternative to consider animal welfare when shopping. Therefore: If so, then go with it! Animal protection label “Für Mehr Tierschutz”


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The language of negotiations is German, audits and advice are carried out in German.

Entry Level

The entry level (1 gold star) offers an initial clear added value for the animals with greater space, structures and employment opportunities - far beyond the legal minimum standards.

Details (German)

Premium Level

The premium level (2 gold stars) goes even further – with exercise, even more space and even more activity. The premium level provides for even more animal-friendly husbandry and correspondingly higher standards than the entry level. For example, the animals must B. direct contact with the outside climate may be possible.

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The advantages of our animal welfare label


  • annual unannounced controls (at least 2 audits per year)
  • independent auditors
  • bundled specialist knowledge from various areas
  • continuous development of the animal welfare label system
  • Traceability through checking the separation of goods flow

Our animal species in the system


Our label for piglets and fattening pigs:

[Translate to English:] Kaltscharrraum Tierschutzlabel


Our label for broiler chickens and laying hens


Our label for dairy cows and beef cattle